Meth Testing in Properties

In recent years, the issue of methamphetamine manufacture and use in houses has increased, and the effects of an infected property are becoming widely known.

Methamphetamine is a highly-addictive, illegal, class-A drug, and it’s a huge issue in New Zealand communities. Methamphetamine is usually manufactured in makeshift labs – which are usually set up in the manufacturer’s home. These makeshift labs emit a residue that stays with a property for a long time, which is why it’s so important to test a property before purchasing it.

This residue lingers in a property for a long time. Unlike many other property-related issues, you can’t simply look at a house and tell if it has been used as a makeshift methamphetamine lab, or if it’s previous occupants used methamphetamine in the house.

Methamphetamine doesn’t discriminate. Just because a house looks “posh” or is in a “good area”, doesn’t mean it is free of this nasty drug.

Testing your property for methamphetamine

As the manufacture and use of methamphetamine is continuously increasing, it’s really important for your to get your home tested before you purchase it. The cost of decontaminating a property is significantly higher than the cost of a test, so it’s always worth testing a property before your purchase it.

If you’re unsure or think your property might have traces of methamphetamine, it’s important that you get it tested before you or your family become affected by the left-over residue.

Meth Testing in rental properties (property managers and landlords)

Makeshift methamphetamine labs are often set up in rental properties for a number of reasons. As a result, it’s important that you test your rental properties before your tenants move in, and after they move out. This way you can tell if your property is safe for a family to live in, and also if your previous tenants have been smoking or manufacturing methamphetamine in your rental property.

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