Meth Screening, Surveying, and Assessments

Knowing whether your property is infected with methamphetamine residue isn’t as simple as inspecting the walls or ceilings for discolouration.

Methamphetamine leaves an awful residue when someone has either manufactured or used it indoors, however this residue cannot be detected by the naked eye. Despite this, the health effects can be detrimental. This is why it’s so important to test your property – or the property you’re about to purchase – for methamphetamine, before you, your family, or your tenants become affected by it.

What is a Detailed Methamphetamine Assessment?

If methamphetamine contamination is detected from the Screening Assessment in one or more areas, a Detailed Methamphetamine Assessment is required in accordance with NZS8510:2017. A site assessment and testing of the property is carried out through-out the property to determine the extent and magnitude of meth contamination. A report is completed by a forensic scientist and sent to the client. The report details the level of contamination throughout the property to determine the most suitable clean-up plan and health and safety risks.

What information can a “Methamphetamine Screening Assessment” give me?

A “Methamphetamine Screening Survey” is ideal for anyone purchasing a home, inter-tenancy checks and where meth contamination is suspected. It provides clients with an understanding of the overall level of contamination at the property.

Multiple individual samples and on-site investigation is carried out to determine if meth is present or absent. Samples are collected and sent to “IANZ Accredited Laboratory” for testing.

The laboratory takes an extraction from each individual sample tube and combines them into one sample (lab composite) for analysis to provide an accurate, cost-effective screening method. A detailed survey report is then provided to the client. Screening Surveys provide clients with a YES/NO as to if meth is present allowing them to make informed decisions without paying unnecessary cost.

The individual samples can be analysed within 24 hours of samples being taken.

For anyone wanting to look at room by room testing to get a profile of the spread of meth contamination then a “Detailed Methamphetamine Assessment” is ideal.

What is a Post-Decontamination Methamphetamine Assessment?

It is important for owners who are required to decontaminate / clean their property to know the cleaning process has been effective in reducing methamphetamine levels to below Ministry of Health Guidelines (2016), 1.5ug/100cm2. This can only be done by taking a final set of individual or composite samples for testing.

A comprehensive report is provided the to client detailing the level of contamination remaining in the property.

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