COVID-19 Surface Testing

Experts in the field of surface testing for COVID-19

Coronovirus (COVID-19) has impacted people’s lives in many ways. One of the modes of transmission is through surface transfer (e.g. in the workplace, gyms, schools) and being able to scientifically test surfaces for COVID-19 is becoming increasingly important.

FBS Ltd undertakes environmental sampling for COVID-19 in accordance with the World Health Organisation (WHO). This provides clients, stakeholders and staff reassurance that the environment they are occupying has been scientifically tested for COVID-19 using sensitive, laboratory validated methods.

Our scientific and technical staff are experienced in dealing with hazardous substances for clients such as Ministry of Education, schools, gyms, shopping centers and supermarkets; we provide expert advice and reassurance to people when it is most needed.

What do we do and why?

  • Environmental sample to identify if COVID-19 is present or absent for early detection and to avoid community spread
  • Identify areas that require decontamination / cleaning if an outbreak occurs
  • Provide Reassurance and Clearance testing and reports
  • Determine if decontamination has been effective
  • Provide Hazard Risk Management Plans if an outbreak was to occur

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