Why EVERY Property Purchase Should be Meth Tested

Posted on April 29, 2020, by Alex Dalzell

So, you’re looking at buying a house off of a lovely young family – surely there’s no need for a meth test? Unfortunately that’s not the case in my experience; through testing hundreds of properties, I’ve found meth contamination doesn’t discriminate and it’s always better to know what you’re dealing with rather than hoping for the best – especially when it involves an expensive asset. Here are three reasons why I believe you should always test any prospective purchase:

Meth Cooks Drive Nice Cars.

And they also rent nice baches and live in nice houses – because unfortunately making and selling meth is a thriving business for unscrupulous crooks. This means that a fancy apartment, family home or swanky seaside crib isn’t immune from being contaminated. In fact, it has been suggested that some cooks prefer to contaminate other people’s dwellings and not their own.

You want to protect the value of your asset

Meth testing is becoming a standard part of due-diligence when buying homes and if you have meth residue present in your home it’s likely to catch up with you at some point. If you’re not going to test a prospective purchase before buying, the odds are the person who looks to buy your house off you down the track will, which could end in a huge headache, or worse a big hit to your sale price or your finances if you have to remediate.

For the minimal cost of a professional screening assessment you’ll be buying peace of mind that you’re not purchasing an asset that’s unknowingly devalued, OR buying a home that puts your health at risk.

Your meth test protects you from liability

If you choose to rent out your home you’ll need to test it before you tenant it. This is called a ‘baseline’ test. You’ll also need to test it between tenancies. Why? Because if your house is contaminated by your tenant and you haven’t got evidence that it was clear of meth before the tenant lived there then you won’t be able to prove to your insurance company or the Tenancy Tribunal that your tenant is liable. This can present a big financial risk. On the flip side, if your tenant tests the property for whatever reason and finds that they’ve been living in a meth-contaminated property that puts their health at risk, they may have a case against you.

When you’re investing in an expensive asset, you are investing in your future financial security, so it’s ALWAYS best to test before you buy. Forensic Meth Services can walk you through the different types of testing we do and give you peace of mind that you’re purchasing an asset that won’t give you any unforeseen grief down the track.

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