Asbestos-related Surveys

At Forensic Building Specialists we offer a range of asbestos-related surveys for residential and commercial properties.

Asbestos Management Surveys

Commercial buildings constructed prior to 1 January 2000 require a Management Survey and Management Plan to be completed. These surveys are designed to identify the location, type and level of risk of the asbestos in the building.

Asbestos is hidden in many building products used between the 1930’s-1990’s. NZ was still importing products containing asbestos until 2016 therefore, even if your building has been refurbished since its original construction, there is a high chance it will still have asbestos-containing materials in it.

There are 3 main types of Asbestos used in building materials: Chrysotile (White), Amosite (Brown) & Crocidolite (Blue). All are hazardous to your health and need to be treated with care.

Risk Level
When a survey is undertaken, the RISK from the asbestos is calculated and provided in the survey report. The RISK factor looks at the elements that determine if occupants of a building are in danger of exposure e.g. – type of products, its condition, likelihood of disturbance etc.

Once a building is understood, a Management Plan and the required Health and Safety documentation are to be put into place ensuring all those occupying the building or being engaged to complete any work are kept safe from future exposure.

Asbestos Refurbishment and Demolition Surveys

Refurbishment/Demolition Surveys are required on all buildings constructed prior to 1 January 2000 that are being demolished or renovated.

Asbestos must be located and identified prior to work starting to ensure those doing the work and areas surrounding the work zone are not exposed to asbestos.

The team at Forensic Building Specialists ensure the structure of the building and the work being completed is properly understood before we complete our surveys to ensure there are no surprises during the work.

Many councils now require a Refurbishment/Demolition Surveys to be carried out an formerly reported on as part of documentation required when lodging a building / demolition consent.

Management Plans and Health & Safety Documentation

Once a building has been surveyed, owners/ PCBU’s must install a management plan and the H&S processes around that plan to ensure ongoing monitoring and reporting of asbestos remaining in the building.

  • How asbestos will be managed and monitored
  • Reporting process if damage occurs
  • Areas of isolation
  • Health monitoring of occupants

These are just a few of the documents required by owners/PCBU’s to ensure the occupants of a building are not exposed.

Forensic Building Specialists Ltd are able to supply owners / PCBU’s with the required management plan and H&S documentation.

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