Asbestos Legislation and Regulations

Businesses must take greater responsibility for managing asbestos.

In 2016, new legislation around asbestos management in the workplace was introduced.

From April 4 2018, the two-year window for businesses to implement changes has expired. These requirements were set out in 2016 by the Health and Safety (Asbestos) Regulations.

This means the requirements set out in the Asbestos Regulations are now in full force, including the requirement for affected businesses to have asbestos management plans, and for asbestos removal companies to have a greater competency than before.

As a general rule, New Zealanders have a pretty good understanding about the health risks associated with asbestos, but the new regulations are about raising the bar for companies who remove asbestos, and brining NZ’s approach to asbestos management inline with Australia and the UK.

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